Kathy Wilson Foundation
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Gifts, contributions, advise, aggressive ideas for programs, requests for funding and correspondence should be directed to:

The Kathy Wilson Foundation
700 Commonwealth Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301

Monday – Thursday: 703-548-8000
Fax: 703-683-9629
Contact: Jennifer George


Paul O. Wilson
Foundation President
429 N. St. Asaph Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Office: 703-739-0330
Fax: 703-739-0332

Casey Wilson
Foundation Vice President

Fletcher Todd Wilson
Foundation Vice President

Carol Keller

Director, Abracadabra Pre School

Honorary Board Members

Red Higdon, father (deceased)

Bruce and Sharon Higdon
Brother and Sister-In-Law

Ann and Ralph Goodrich
Sister and brother in law

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