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List of Contributors

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With your help, the Kathy Wilson Foundation will succeed in improving the lives of young children and their parents by:

Providing scholarships for individual children with special needs Promoting outdoor learning for young children by transforming playgrounds into education grounds - literally Outdoor Classrooms

Contributing Opportunities

Kathy stratified her preschoolers into three classrooms:

    Munchkins (age 2)
    Wizards (age 3)
    Genies (age 4)

It is altogether fitting that her Foundation graduate by the same categories.



Munchkins $0 - $299
Wizards $300 - $999
Genies $1,000 - $4,999
Grand Pooh Bahs $5,000 and above

The title of King and Queen of all Munchkins, Wizards and Genies currently goes to the godparents of Casey Wilson and the long time friends of Kathy and Paul

Bob & Gretchen Dudney.

Their contribution has given the Kathy Wilson Foundation a tremendous boost. They are Abracadabra to our effort.



Grand Pooh Bahs $5000 & Up

* Children Together, Inc.
Abracadabra PAB President
Bob and Gretchen Dudney
Casey Caspe and David Caspe
Jeffrey and Naomi Caspe
Karen Gillmor
Mark and Lori Weaver
Mr. Annonymous
Paul O. Wilson and Marjorie Kline
Richard Miller
Shel Smith and Sue Wadel
Steve and Ruth Kirsch

Genies $1000-$4999

Abracadabra Parents Advisory Board
Adam Tesler
Al and Marty Sikes
Alex Gage
Alexander Coppelman and Brandi Dickey
Alexandria Day Nursery & Children's Home Inc. The Rotary Club of Alexandria
Amy and Joe Lanier
Ann and Ralph Goodrich
Anonymous Anonymous
Baptist Temple Church
Betty and Mike Mallon
Bob and Bredow Thompson
Brad Lear
Brian Sharkey
Brigid Schulte and Tom Bowman
Bruce and Sharon Higdon
Charles and Joyce Shenk
Charlotte Umoja and Peggy Minnis
Chip and Susan Casteel
Dan and Linda Yager
Dave and Brenda Kindred
Dave and Donna Marsh
Dave Rogers
Diane and Ralph Smalley
Dirk Vandever
Dorothy Yancey
Dwight Sterling
Eliza Coupe
Ellin and George Wolfand
Fletcher and Kathleen Wilson
Fred Steeper
Hank and Janet Monsees
Herb and Nancy Kohn
Howard and Mary Maginniss
Jack and Genie Wilmer
Jamie Pound and Diane Thompson
Jim and Therese Faulconbridge
Jim Innocenzi
Joanne and Don Wheeler
John and Cynthia Shaw
John Sheets and Joy Stevenson
John Sprinkle and Esther White
Jonathan Groff
Judi L. Adams
June Raphael and Paul Scheer
Kathy Hanrahan
Kathy Tatko and John Richards
Lee and Michael McGettigan
Leonard and Karen Crook
Lonnie Rich and Marcia Call
Marion Moon
Michael and Angela Meyers
Michael Seltz and Gillie Campbell
Mike and Laurie Stewart
Mimi and Sandy Swanson
Molly Sim
Myra and David Adams
Neil and Mary Newhouse
Ondine Fortune
Paul and Barbara Wolfand
Peter Principato
Rich and Erika Juliano
Russ and Anne Bailey
Shira and Todd Weiss
Sissy and Derek Walker
Susan Swain
Ted and Lee Planje
Tom and Linda Holland
Tony Feather
Tracy Rickett and Wendy Wysong
Dr. Kurt and Leslie Malkoff
Hon. Bill and Linda Graves
Hon. Eve and Jack Stratton

Wizards $300-$999

  Alan and Kathy Shearer
  Alden and Amy Philbrick
  Alexandria Child Care Directors Association
  Amie Hoeber
  Amy Gilbert
  Anita Bibb
  Ann Monnig
  Annie Hucker
  Antonio and Emma Monroig
  Barbara Faulkner
  Betty Rose Mittel
  Bill Howard
  Bill McInturff
  Bill Paul and Pam Hoover
  Bob and Colleen Clegg
  Bob and Joni Cohan
  Bob Coggshall
  Bradley Bass
  Brian and Lori Higdon
  Bridget Flint
  Brooksie Koopman and Mark Eaton
  Bruce MacVittie and Carol Ochs
  Bryan Krantz
  Carl and Sandy Forti
  Carolyn and Gerald Stoltz
  Carolyn Beckett
  Christina McGrath
  Dale Leibach and Patti Maloomian Liles
  Dale Liebach
  Dave Bene and Patti Rose
  David and Marcia Speck
  David Levy
  Debbie and Kent Wells
  Debra Rog
  Demetra Lambros and Michael Duffy
  Dianne Childers
  Dick Flynt and April Burke
  Donna and Tobin James
  Donna Walker and Tobin James
  Dorothy Koopman
  Doug and Lise Patterson
  Doug and Meredith Wade
  Ed and Kathy Manda
  Elizabeth and Brad Todd
  Fred Crawford
  Gerald Klein
  Glen and Kendra Chambers
  Helenmarie and Dan Shipp
  Holly Wrobel
  James and Barbara Lewis
  Jane Hurst
  Janice Roth
  Jean Peyton
  Jeanne Varon Himey
  Jeffery Peisch and Karen Schwarz
  Jim and Marianna Dyson
  John Ambrose and Debra Rog
  John and Bonnie Porter
  John and Cary Schaperkotter
  John and Gillian Ray
  John Fippin
  John Gunselman
  John Raphael
  Joseph and Cheryl Malloy
  Joyce Eichelberger
  Judy and Gary Grossman
  Julie and Fred Crandall
  Karen Grane
  Karen Jagoda
  Keith and Lindsey Cohan
  Kelley Organek
  Kelly Booz
  Ken Weiss
  Kerry and Eva Donley
  Kevin Creamer
  Kevin Hanrahan
  Kim and Steven Messinger
  Kim Bellissimo
  Kristy Szemetylo and Dr. Victor Szemetylo
  Kurt and Linn Gretzinger
  Lauren and Michael Crandall
  Lawrence and Ann Marie Nurnberger
  Lee Kenower and Linda Sizemore
  Len and Linda Simon
  Len Rubenstein and Margaret Lorber
  Lezlie Booth and Fred Beer
  Linda Kienker Monahan
  Lindsey Swanson and Terry Burcham
  Liv and Michael Violette
  Lois Berlin and Larry Stuebing
  Lorenzo Garvin
  Lou and Rachael Steele
  Lyssa Seward
  Lystra Blake and Michael Sundel
  Marianne Fowler
  Marilyn and Sean Doherty
  Martha Burger
  Martha Dare Marks
  Meg Mortimer
  Melody and David Tosi
  Michael Meyers
  Michael Zimmer and Rene Mirro-Zimmer
  Michaela Daniel
  Molly Danforth and Stephen Colangelo
  Molly Sim
  Nancy Fanning
  Neal and Sara Elliott
  Neil and Donna Brown
  Pat Miller
  Patti and Tim Heck
  Paul West and Claudia Townsend
  Peter and Katharine Smeallie
  Peter Fenn
  Rae and Judy Noritake
  Rebecca Anderson
  Richard and Rebecca Moore
  Richard Merritt
  Rikka de Reumann
  Russell Brightman
  Sally and Billy Brierre
  Sally Brewer and Jan Dykhuis
  Sam Saxton
  Scott and Chrissy Kopple
  Seth Morris
  Sharon and Don Ward
  Shaun Peterson
  Shirley and William Crowe
  Steve Lilienthal
  Steve Sandler
  Susan and Bob Joseph
  Susie and Art Goldner
  Tina and David Mudarri
  Tom and Sharon Sachs
  Tom Oppenheim
  Tony and Patrice Tighe
  Trinity Mops and Bambi Coval
  Vanessa Mendoza and Eddie Valk
 Hon. Lisa Sadler and Larry Champlin
 Hon. Nolan and Lorraine Dawkins
 Hon. Rob and Heidi Simmons
 Honorable Amata and Fred Radewagen

Munchkins $1- $299

ACT For Alexandria
Adam Young
Alan Goldberg and Joyce Goldberg
Alex and Shawn Rich
Alliance Pictures Corp
Amanda Sovik and Robert Johnston
Amy Jackson
Amy Smucker
Andrew Duncan
Angela and Tim Gannon
Ann and Dennis Ahearn
Ann and Rick Dorman
Ann Corson and Jon Jaeger
Ann Fyfe
Ann Principato
Anna Willey and Miles Leicher
Anne Hucker
Anne Reynolds
Annemarie Schoen
Anonymous Anonymous
Anthony and Gail Perry
Anthony and Patricia Norwood
Anthony Gomez
April Mouton
Arlene and Keith Bronstein
Ashley Jordan
Ashley Jordan
Audrey Knox
Aurilla Fusco
Ayne and Rishtu Zewde
Barbara and Steve Sgouros
Barbara and Wolfhard Ramm
Barbara Ann Hanrahan
Becky Lainie
Ben and Beverly Clayburgh
Bernice Williams
Beth Trent and Dawn Turton
Betsy Griffith
Beverly Clayburgh
Bill and Helen Owen
Bill and Judy Purdy
Bill Greener
Bill Toalson
Billy and Jennifer Parker
Bob and Becky Ruskin
Bob and Cathy Schmitt
Bob and Heather Roush
Bob and Linda Hansen
Bob and Mary Ellen Handley
Bob and Sabrina Ludke
Bob and Shirley Rollins
Bob Barker
Bob Maughan
Bob North and Judy Turley
Bob Wigen
Bonnie Rossi
Brandi Dickey
Brewster and Patricia Taylor
Brian and Christine Tilton
Brian and Davi McDonald
Brian Hicks
Brooke Alexander
Buell and Mary Cobb
Caitlin Crowther
Carla and Darryl Giles
Carly Robb
Carol and Daron Keller
Carol Olson
Carol Whitney
Carol Young
Carolyn Syron
Carpenters Creek
Casey Wison
Catherine Theisen
Cathy Corcoran
Cecile Phillips
Charlsie and John Cartner
Cheryl Winter
Chester and Annie & Tim Garvin
Chico and Crissy Swartz
Chip and Debbie Peterson
Chris and Jane Brewster
Chris and Michelle Peacock
Chris Hill and Karen Seaver Hill
Chris Papagapitos
Chris Stegmaier Byrnes
Christopher and Christine Myers
Christy Wood
Chuck Warren
Cindy Crane
Colleen and Kyle McNiff
Colleen Zoltowski
Craig and Sherley Keith
Craig Ritchie
Curtis Lu
Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Brown
Daisy Henriquez and Francisco Orellana
Dale and Janice Davis
Dale and Krisi Wright
Dan and Katy Pattarini
Daniel Levy
Danielle Schneider
Dannah Phirman
Darcy and James Arnold
Dave and Diane Profusck
Dave Wood
David and Anne Schlosser
David Bisbee and Marsha Oshima
David Caspe
David Tracy
Deanna Cheng and Wing Cheng
Debbie and Bob Barnes
Debbie Evans
Dennis and Elise Reeder
Dennis Burian
Don and Ann Ellis
Don Petitt
Donald "Huck" and Pat & Julie Thomas
Donna Cutter
Donna Fowler
Doug and Susan Rutherford
Doug and Tina Carter
Duane and Holly Sand
Dustyn Gobler
E Molly Goldberg
Ed and Cindy Mills
Ed and Sarah Lewis
Ed Brookover
Edward Spoden
Eileen Monnin-Kirby
Elizabeth and Richard Duke
Elizabeth Howe
Elizabeth Parker
Elizabeth Wright
Elizabeth Wright
Ellen Ahearn
Ellen Pickering
Ellen Smead and Walt Sanders
Ellen Walker
Elton and Nancy Fay
Emily Jones
Eric Feltner
Erin Delullo and Matt Lewis
Erla Alexander
Esther White
Eve LaMois
Flo and George West
Francesca Raminella
Frank and Linda Waskowicz
Frankie Childers
Gary Barnes
Gayle and Michael Blum
Gayle Reuter
Gertrude Goodrich
Gillian Maupin
Glenn and Julie Hodas
Grace Taylor and Martin Grimm
Greg and Nancy Swartz
Gretchen Donaldson
H.R. Jardine
Hady Ramadan
Hal Coxson
Harriet and Jon Rosenbaum
Harriet Hanrahan
Harriette Handley
Harry and Sue Braswell
Heather Keil
Henry and Sandra Avis-Viera
Hetty Jardine
Holy Cow Burgers Fund
Howard and Shelley Fleit
HS "Bill" and Suzanne Lacy
IIsa Dohmen and Corey Bengisu
Itay Reiss and Agency United Talent
Jack and Fay Slotnick
Jack and Kate Oliver
Jack Davis
Jacob Greenberg and Tanya Schikorr
Jacqueline Gebhards
James and Grace Yu
James and Sarah Powell
James Roberts
Jamie Goldstein
Jan and James Gayton
Jane Rader
Jane Richardson
Janet Eissenstat and Everett Eissenstat
Janice Arthur
Jean Federico
Jeanne Snapp
Jeff and Irene Schanz
Jeff and Jody Scheiman
Jeff and Shannon Vrabel
Jeff Gustafson and Molly Sim
Jeffrey and Patty Goodman
Jennifer Maughan
Jennifer Treat
Jerry and Sharon Prentice
Jesse Lee
Jesse Rosenblatt
Jill Paul and Barbara Bilz
Jim and Betsy Kline
Jim and Vicky Naber
Jim Furkin
Joan Holden
Joan Ogilvy Holdon
Joanne Handley
Jodi Peikoff
Joe Ciardi
Joel Riter
Joesph and Kristin Schulte
John and Anne Shapleigh
John and Charlotte Kosmela
John and Elizabeth Edsall
John and Susan Wilson
John Brightman
John Daley
John Grubbs
John Kraus
John Nakahata
Johnny Axerio-Cilies and Lindsay Bland
Jon and Amy Lauck
Jordan and Eric Meissner
Joseph Norris, III
Josh and Teri Stranges
Jud and Deborah Sommer
Judith Edstrom
Judith Martens
Judith Shahvar
Judy and Jim Heeter
Judy Martin
Julia and Craig Church
Julie and Matt Zahn
Julie Dove
Julie Dove
Karen and Greg Bates
Karen and Jagoda
Karen and Jeffrey Schwartz
Karen Lemke
Karen Pearson
Kate Patterson
Kate Riddle
Katey Swanson
Kathleen Smith
Kathy and Brennan Normyle
Kathy Glennon
Kathy Patterson
Kathy Trepper
Katya Friedman
Kay Schembri
Kelly Cox
Kendall Micka
Kent Maughan
Kristen Kienker
Kristen Zimmer
Kurt and Julie Tunnell
Larry Benton
Larry Pharo and Catherine Pharo
Laura Dove
Laura Kindred
Laura Kindred
Laura Kindred
Laura Mandala
Laura Ruth
Laura von Schultz
Laurel and Rhys Price Jones
Lauren Morelli
Laurie Howell
LaVona Reid
Lawrence and Judith Richmond
Lee and Ted Ellett
Lee Ann and Paul Steiner
Leroy Towns and Dr. Jean Folkerts
Leslie and Michael Zinberg
Lesly Kahn
Lewis and Treva Bounds
Linda Lewis
Lindsay Bomar
Lindsey Cloud
Lindy Gomez and Tom Goodman
Lisa Druker
Liz Miller
Liz Miller and Graham Howe
Liz Walker
Loeita Young
Lonnie Zwerin and Frank Mainzer
Lori Gottlieb
Louis and Rebecca McCracken
Louise and Mike Kenny
Louise Krafft
Louise Ritz
Lynette Goree
Lynne and Dennis Dalpino
Madeline Rowan and Ben Madorsky
Mandy Hayes
Margaret Lorber
Margaret Patterson, LCSW
Margaret Swift
Margee Walsh
Margie Rae and Mike Nickerson
Marilyn Millman
Marj Miner
Marjorie Kline
Mark and Alyson Katz
Mark and Karissa Dugan
Mark and Rebecca Thomas
Mark Johnson and Vicki Johnson
Mark Kraus
Mark Stackhouse and Ingre Stackhouse
Mark Van Matre
Markell and Reginald Thorne
Martha Dare Marks
Martha Shaw
Marty and Kat Thomas
Mary and Jim Miller
Mary Ann Vassar
Mary Flynt
Mary Snowden
Mary Sullivan
Matt Downs
Matt Lynn
Matt McConkey
Matt McConkey
Matthew and Jennifer Dameron
Matthew Jeanneret
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Ufberg
Maura O'Doherty
Maurine and John Thurman
Mdly and Paco Padilla
Meg Allan and Will Cole
Melanie Shauna Branting
Melynda and David Wilcox
Mercial A Stewart
Michael and Debra Finkel
Michael and Kate Wilkins
Michael and Maria Lewan
Michael and Mary Doane
Michael Heller
Michael McTeer
Michael Meyers
Michael Nickerson and Margie Rae Castergine
Michaela Daniel
Michaela Daniel
Mike Connell
Mitchel and Penelope Wald
Mitzi and Mark Foster
Monika Artemowicz
Morgan Walsh
Nancy and Dennis Belmont
Nancy Caruana and Anne Foley
Nancy Wirkmaa
Natalie Szemetylo
Nate Lang
Nathalie Lapree and Alex Oduro
Neal and Sara Elliott
Nick and Lily Joseph
Noelle Ramsey
Norm and Carolann Sharp
Norman and Vickie Kolb
Omari Faakye
Pam Conley
Pam DeCandio
Pam Younggren
Pat and Doug Thomas
Pat and Lynn Mooney
Pat Finkin
Patricia and George Day
Patricia Burke
Patricia Heenan
Patricia Koph Sanner and Eric Sanner
Patricia Moran
Patricia Rose
Patrizia Hernandez
Paul and Janna Ryan
Paul and Kelly Brockway
Paul and Laura Kropfl
Paul and Wendy Moniz
Paul Gillmor
Paul Rust
Peggy Brendmoen
Peggy Woods
Pete and Carrie Judge
Pete and Jan Howerton
Pete Chandler and Theresa McCarthy
Peter and Annette French
Peter and Donna Buchert
Peter and Pat Frank
Peter O'Connor and Colleen Brannigan
Peter Sacco
Peter Valcarce
Phil Mishkin and Fernanda Mattar
R.K. Jones
Ralph Biele
Ralph Gustafson
Randy and Carla Gray
Randy and Trish Stahly
Ray Bender
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Yowell
Renshaw-Porter Family Fund
Rev. Robin and Rev. Marty Anderson
Rex and Laurie Elsass
Rex and Susan Granum
Richard and Joan Griffin
Richard and Virginia Anderson
Richard von Mayrhauser
Riikka Noppa
Rob and Dr. Lisa Monsees
Rob and Monica Cox
Rob Huebel
Robert and Allison DiNardo
Robert and Elizabeth Cordray
Robert and Gloria Beatty
Robert and Joan Polson
Robert and Katherine Miller
Robert and Linda Bloom
Robert Fowler
Robert Lipnick
Robert Taggart
Robin and Mary Claire Murphy
Roger and Irene Sartini Jr.
Ron Hudak and Susan Hahn
Rusty and Carol Jones
Samantha and David Mortlock
Samantha Mortlock
Sara Ford and Anne Donick
Sarah and Bob Roush
Sarah Tropiano
Sarah Wunderlich
Scott and Judy Fox
Scott and Susan Heidepriem
Scott Fawell and Andrea Coutretsis
Scott Harris and Chris Trosiek
Scott Murphy and Jen Hogan
Scott Perraud
Shari and Matt Bax
Sharon and John Shackelford
Sharon Sandler
Shela Turpin-Forster
Shelley Browning
Sheryl and Kevin Jahns
Sheryl Gorsuch and Don Aplin
Sid Heeter
Skip McGinniss
Stephanie Gawzene
Stephanie Sample
Stephen Basilone
Stephen Colangelo and Mollie Danforth
Stephen Yohay
Steve and Louise Hart
Steve and Lynn Walsh
Steve and Ruth Higdon
Steve Sacher and Colleen Gibbons
Steven Geter
Sue and Matt Anderson
Susan and Don Watkins
Susan Athy and John Caulfield
Susan Doherty and James Bresner
Susan Eakins
Susan Hahn
Susan Keightley and John Daley
Ted and Peggy Lanier
Temple Moore, Jr.
Teresa Marie Bell
Terri and Gary Thomas
Terri Nintemann
Terri Nintenmann
Theresa Kang
Theresa McCarthy
Therese Perrine
Thom and Denise Matroni-Rakes
Thomas Bijak and Beverly Brunetti
Tim and Lisa Shaw
Tom and Jill Turner
Tom and Susie Krummel
Tom Bijak and Bev Brunetti
Tom Norris
Tom Whatman
Toni Andrews
Tony and Amy Dias
Tygh and Stephanie Bailes
Vera Trio
Vicki and Bruce McCurry
Vincent Kiernan and Terri Nintemann
Walt and Ellen Sanders
Warren and Lana Sonoda
Wayne and Mary Goodrich
William and Cherie Schipper
William C. and Joanne Phelps
William Frawley
William Williams
Dr. Jack and Janice Hawkins
Dr. Jim Throckmorton
Dr. Jordon Nardino
Dr. Kirby and Elizabeth Turnage
Dr. Mark and Tina Stacy
Dr. Mike and Gwen Bennett
Dr. Sue Hall
Dr. Tom and Jamie Kline
Hon. Chris Cannon
Hon. Jack and Betsy Dalrymple
Hon. John and Mikey Hoeven
Hon. Pat Roberts
Honorable Eric and Sheena Greitens
Rev. Ben and Toni Boswell
Rev. Mike and Amy Allen

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