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Kathy loved conversations with children. Delighting in their mistaken logic, mixed facts and fantasies. She called them “magic moments.” If you have such a “magic moment” use the Bulletin Board to share your story.

“One story Kathy called to relay to me was one of these “magic moments.”

It was Palm Sunday and the teacher of the 41/2 year olds asked the question, “Who knows what today is?”
Jennifer replies, “I know!!! I know!! It’s Palm Sunday.”
“Very good,” the teacher replies, “and what is next Sunday?”
Again, Jennifer replies, “I know!! Next Sunday is Easter!”
“And what happens on Easter Sunday?” the teacher queries.
Jennifer is ready. “That’s when Jesus comes out of his grave and if he sees his shadow he goes back for another six weeks.”
Charlotee Umojo
High/Scope Trainer

At Kathy’s funeral all Abracadabra students were invited outside the church to say a short prayer of good-bye to Ms. Kathy. In a tribute to her, the funeral hearse with her coffin inside it, pulled around beside the church near the new “Prayer Garden” created by Eagle Scout candidate Max Ritter. An Abracadabra preschooler ran gleefully into the prayer garden and shouted,
“Cool, a limo, can I ride in it?”
Paul Wilson, Husband


When a friend called with the news that Kathy had died suddenly, both children were home. They could tell I was upset, so I sat them down on the couch and told them Miss Kathy had died. They looked at me for the longest time. Then Liam asked,

“So, when will she turn into a skeleton?”

At first, I was horrified. What a terrible thing to say. But then it hit me, Kathy would have howled.
Brigid Schulte
Abracadabra Parent


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