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Grants Awarded for 2012/2013!! Great Job!

by Paul Wilson

Total grants awarded in 2012/13 = $38,180!!

Thank you to our wonderful donors who have stuck with us for 7 years and our new friends who have joined our effort. Here are the grant winners for 2012/13:

Meeting House Cooperative Preschool
$5,530: OT Screenings, speech & language screenings, counseling services w/Dr. Ciardo & funds to go towards in-service workshops for teachers

Trinity MOPS Preschool $3,450: Speech & language screenings for 69 pre-k & young 4-year-olds.

Grace Episcopal School $2,000: Developmental screenings for Preschool & Jr. Kindergarten students

Beverly Hills Preschool $4,500: Establish relationship with Dr. Rene Hackney to support both teachers & parents in the early identification and intervention of special needs kids

Fairlington Preschool $2,000: For 2 kids enrolled in their school, for a current teacher (licensed recreational therapist) to provide additional support services for the classroom teachers for the students to strengthen their musculoskeletal systems.

The Miracle League $1,000: Rubberized baseball field for kids with special needs who love to play baseball!

Child & Family Network, Arlington Education Fund $6,200: Support for kids who are at serious risk of school failure through the Handwriting Without Tears curriculim and teacher training.

Resurrection $8,500: Deliver therapy to children with special needs, including a speech therapist and OT therapist.

Westminster Weekday Preschool $5,000: Salary for Occupational Therapist to pursue occupational therapy for sensory integration and/or fine motor needs.

To our awardees, The Kathy Wilson Foundation thanks you for all you do for the special children of our community! We are proud of the tireless work you do and the success you are having at helping new students with big challenges.

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