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New Grants Awarded for 2009!! Exciting Stuff!

by Paul Wilson

SUMMARY Kathy Wilson Foundation Grant Approvals for 2009 (Approved March 5, 2009)

Submit Grant Requests to Paul Wilson via email to powilson@aol.com and powilson@mac.com for 2010 between now and January 2010. Use BOTH emails to get through spam filters.

1. Abracadabra Special Needs Scholarship Request APPROVED $5,730
This would be the 4th year of the scholarship at Abra and the 2nd year for the current student.

2. Ukraine Project APPROVED $1,000
Approved a $1,000 grant for two special needs therapists this summer so children with special needs do not lose ground. USNOF has been supporting an early intervention center called Pahinets in Rivne, Ukraine since 2004. Pahinets serves 90-100 children from birth to five years of age with special needs. This is the second year for this grant.

3. Kathy Wilson Endowment at Resurrection Pre School APPROVED $15,000
We increased Resurrection Pre School’s grant to fund the Kathy Wilson Endowment. The grant was increased from $10,000 to $15,000 at the suggestion of the Foundation. This preschool has an inclusion program with 40% of the children having a special need. This is the second year request.

4. MOPS inclusion classroom. The Board has tentatively approved a grant to help MOPS re-activate an afternoon inclusion classroom for children with special needs.

5. Network PreSchools – Two-Day Workshop on the “Score” System APPROVED $3,000
Approved a two-day professional development training workshop provided by staff from the University of Virginia for Network’s entire teaching staff (18 teachers). The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (“Score”) is an exciting new development in early childhood testing.

6 WISE Educational Services, LLC - 3 Workshops APPROVED $600
Approved a dynamic, on-going seminar series for families raising young children with special needs.

7. Coalition for Alexandria's Youngest Children–MENTORING APPROVED $500
Approved a grant of $500 to provide mentoring to teachers after they have attended workshops to help them implement what they learned.

Items postponed for further study included the following:

8. Parents Communications Project ASKFamilies $7,840 Develop a shared database with similar organizations to have a better communication vehicle to reach parents about workshops, etc. STUDY FOR ONE YEAR. DISCUSSION: Need PEATC or school system to take on this challenge.

9. Vendor Fair No Request at this time
Hold a Vendor Fair like Fairfax and Prince William County ARC. This would help parents determine what services their child might access.

10. Community Forum No Request at this time
Idea to have Stixrud Workshop that also includes vendors.


1. DANCE “It’s Just Rock And Roll To Me” APPROVED
Dan Yaeger, a good friend, has a rock and roll band that will ONLY play for Charity events.
Possible Dates: May 16, 2009 (A request for a venue has been made. Children will be included.

2. POST CARD -- We wanted to be the “First” to tell you what we are doing. APPROVED

3. DINNER: An Idea from Rachael Steele CASEY Dinner in the Fall APPROVED. DISSCUSSION: Advisory Board liked Casey’s idea of starting the idea in Kansas City, Missouri, if possible.

Idea: 9 Hole Mother/Son (Mothers Day or Fall Golf Tournament)

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