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Rock 'N Roll Dance -- Well it Rocked! Over $6,000 raised!

by Paul Wilson

The Rock 'N Roll Dance -- Rocked.

The Kathy Wilson Foundation Rock 'N Roll Dinner Dance was a blast.

"What I liked the most was that kids who rarely, if ever, get a chance to show their stuff, really tore up the dance floor," said Paul Wilson Foundation President.  "It brought tears to my eyes to see the kids. having so much fun!" 

"As for some of the adults, impressive but a bit rusty," said Wilson 

Here's the results and awards and special recognitions: 

Raised:                      $6,084 (after expenses)  Our goal was only $3,500!!!
Attendance:               133 (29 kids)
Kid Drummer:           Liam Bowman (3 songs)

Back Up Singers:      Lindsay Bomar and Shawn Rich
Harp: (Harmonica)    Susan Swain, President of C-Span
Grilled Cheeses:        91 sandwiches
Pulled Pork:               We didn't "pull" those numbers we just pulled the pork
Wings:                        7 uneaten
Band:                         Backyard Blues Band - Dan Yager lead singer
First Song:                 Kansas City
Best Song:                 TIE:  Twist and Shout and Gloria (last song)
Best Volunteer:          Mary Doane, parent at Resurrection
Best Rest. in Alex.     The Light Horse, 715 King Street
Greeters                      Mary Doane, Dianne Childers, Karen Grane, Leonard Crook
Official Photogrhper  Louise Krafft
Dance Teachers         Caroline Ravenell, Susan Swain, Dianne Childress, Paul Wilson
Largest Contrib.         Bob and Gretchen Dudney
Auditors                     Leonard Crook and Jeff Gustavson and Molly Simms
Data Entry                  Louise Krafft and Kerry Phelps and Anye Zwede
MostImprovedDancer Margret Sharkey
First Time Dancers     Gilbert Lapree!!!   Victoria!!!
Best Couple:              Wendy and Tracy Rickett
Most Kids:                 Kendra and Glen Chambers (4 kids)
Best Looking couple  Dale Leibach and Kathy Ahearn (best dressed by far)
Best Hat                     Paul Wilson (the only hat)
Famous Person           Sandra Strachen-Viera- head of (SEAC) Special Eduction Adviosry Commission to Alexandria School Bd.  Email:   ssv888gu276@mac.com
Best Dancer:              Liv Violette-strumming her outstreched leg as a guitar & hopping
Directors Present:      Carol Keller-Abracadabra, Kim Messinger, Resurrection, Diane Profusck,MOPS
Best Baptist Dancers  Rev. Ben Boswell and Toni
First Check:                Lindsey Swanson and Terry Burcham (they do our web site)
Inspiration for event   Mandy Hayes, Kim Messinger, Margaret Sharkey, 
Best Idea                    Invite kids:   Sissy Walker and Kim Messinger
Ethiopian Dancers     Anye and Rishtu Zwede
KW Advisory Bd.     Bob and Gretchen Dudney, Dianne Childers, John Sprinkel, Messinger, Marsh, Ann Monnig, Tracy Rickett, Ben Boswell, Ayne Zwede, Louise Krafft, Marcia Call

People from Abracadabra, Resurrection and MOPS pre schools showed up to give their support and thank you to the Foundation for their grants in 2009.  Teachers, parents and administrators helped make this event a great success.

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