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New Grants Awarded Children with Special Needs for 2010!

by Paul Wilson

Three grants have been awarded for helping children with special needs for 2010/2011 school year by the Kathy Wilson Foundation.

The advisory board and Board of Directors of the Kathy Wilson Foundation approved Resurrection Pre School for $15,000 over the 2010 / 2011  school year.

Resurrection is a preschool in Alexandria that has nearly 40% of its students with special needs.   The Kathy Wilson Foundation grant provides money for OT and speech therapists at the school as well as salary dollars for teachers who spend long hours participating in the development of IEPs (individual programs) for students with special needs.  A wonderful presentation was made by Kim Messinger at the Board meeting on the help the Foundation makes to the preschool.

We also approved Abracadabra Pre School for a $6,000 grant for 2010/2011 school year for two children that require help with special needs issues.   The scholarships  allow parents to  pay for specail services their children require.

The third grant was to MOPS preschool at Trinity Lutheran for $10,000.  This grant carries a recommendation that we contact and work with MOPS to boost enrollment to 10 students by the Fall for their afternoon class that helps children with special needs.   The grant is divided in two parts, with $5,000 due this current semester and $5,000 due for the Fall, providing the class size is of sufficient size and make-up.

On behalf of the Board, I want to thank everyone for attending and appreciate everyone else for staying involved.  We value our donors and cherish the help and support of our Board of Directors and Advisory Board.   You are all making a real difference.

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