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More Grants Than Ever in 2011/12 -- Our Best Year!!

by Paul Wilson

Great News! We gave out more grants than ever before. We are sorry for not posting this sooner. But here it is.

Grants can be requested by emailing Paul Wilson at powilson@mac.com in January 2012 - February 15, 2012

It goes without saying that we have enjoyed helping and contributing to so many great schools who are working so hard to help preshool children with special needs.

In keeping with our open records policy we are disclosing all grants here. Administrative costs this past year were about $1,000 for stamps and assistance in sending out tax notices.

Here are the awards in no particular order.

1 Westminster Weekday Preschool $6,000 To Hire a part time Occupational Therapist.

2 Meeting House Cooperative Preschool $4,000 OT, PT, Speech and Language Therapist Child Psychologist staff training.

3 Fairlington Preschool $2,000 Implement the High Scope Curriculum.

4 Resurrection Children's Center $12,500 This outstanding program merits our largest grant for their tremendous work and high ratio of children with special needs. Programmatic and operating budget to pay for speech and occupational therapists and other services.

5 ALIVE Preschool $6,500 Occupational Therapist for work 3 days a wk & sensory stimulation toys.

6 Alexandria Public Schools $1,200 Special equipment for their work with special needs children including a new iPad to use.

7 First Baptist Weekday Preschool $1,400 Training for teachers and Specialized Playground Equipment for a child that needs full body wrap due to skin problems.

8 Abracadabra $5,000 Payment for therapy for spec. needs child / hiring special therapists for children receiving therapy Teacher training and toys for children with special needs.

9 Saint Rita's School $2,500 Playground Equipment for new preschool playground.

10 Child and Family Network Centers $5,000 Workshop on Inquiry based learning for teacher training in classroom.

11 Campagna Center $1,000 Donation to assist with their preschool program.

12 Lisa Shaw's iPad Project $300 Lisa Shaw, who serves on the Special Education Advisory Committee for Alexandria Schools, raised (through the Foundation) about $1,500 for iPads for children with autism. The Foundation gave $300 toward this project. Great job Lisa!

Thank you to the Advisory Board and all the great volunteers who helped this whole year. Dianne Childers, Pat Miller, Sissy Walker, Elizabeth Wright, Dave Levy, Louise Krafft and Tracy Ricketts our great treasurer who has moved away for a few years.

We wish to thank a wonderful comedian and friend, Julie Dove, for putting together a great woman's comedy night in LA to help us meet our goals.

Paul Wilson, Casey Wilson, Fletcher Wilson President Vice President , Treasurer

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