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1. Donation amounts will be kept strictly confidential unless they are so gigantic that we need to brag about them. However, we will list contributors with special recognition to large contributors (no listing of contribution amount). NOTE: If you do not want your name listed on our web site please inform us.

2. Names, addresses and emails. We will not divulge your name or address or phone number or email to commercial concerns. However, we reserve the right to trade names with similar purposed non-profits on an extremely limited basis. Here is an example: Kathy was President of Children Together. They have 500 names of people interested in early childhood education. They train teachers on new techniques once a year. The Foundation may trade names with Children Together to increase our data base. We are, after all, small and need to leverage our size. Trading names of people interested in early childhood is one way to grow. NOTE: If you don’t want us ever using your name and address and email please tell us and we will restrict the use to just the Kathy Wilson Foundation.

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